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Plantable Seed Paper Business Cards

Cory Epstein Custom Earth Promos Seed Paper Business Card

Stand for Sustainability that Secures Future Success

Are you looking for a new way to attract people to your brand? Well, there’s finally a way to make the world a better place while still promoting your brand. Our seed paper business cards will let you reach your clients and easily have them remember you afterwards. It’s a unique way to get your audience’s attention and leave behind a plant or two.


Simply choose the colors and seed paper mix that fit your brand image, then get in touch with us to have the card speak volumes about your company. Our trained customer service reps will put together your perfect seed-card vision. All you have to do is send in your ideas and we can get started fast.


At Custom Earth Promos, we value our customers as much as you do yours. So let us give you the tools you need to make a memorable business card. We’ll help you create the final masterpiece that you’ll be giving out to potential clients for years to come.