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Biodegradable Bamboo Bags

bamboo is fast growing and is perfect sustainable source of material for bags

Bamboo Bags Do Wonders for Eco-Friendly Brand Image

Our bamboo bags are 100% natural and are perfect for displaying your business brand. With the natural color of the totes, you’ll be able to easily add any color design to really make the logo pop. Your company will be catching eyes left and right in any setting, whether it be at the grocery, work, school or the beach.


Keep a competitive edge by matching any of our stylish bamboo totes with your business logo. Secure a new wave of potential clients at any trade or networking event. Simply get in contact with one of our sales crew, send them your design, color and bag specifics, and then you’ll be on the fast track to a dazzling new promo product.


We provide all of the tools to make a unique bamboo bag that shows off nothing but your assets. Because at Custom Earth Promos, your brand image is our top priority.