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Insulated Printed Cooler Tote Bags

Our Insulated Cooler Bags are created from post-consumer and reusable material. These sustainable thermal bags have earned the title of the most durable totes on the market! Using our overseas production services, we can accommodate custom add-ons including zippers, buttons and size adjustments. Additionally, our in-stock production service allows your insulated bags to be delivered within a quicker timeframe.

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Keep your cold food cold and warm food warm with custom Reusable Cooler Bags from Custom Earth Promos

Cool for the Environment

Our fully customizable Cooler Bags are expertly crafted with 100% recycled and recyclable non-woven polypropylene, a 5-type recycled plastic. Custom Earth Promos proudly employs a production process that minimizes eco-impact and ensures a product of maximum durability and sustainability. By utilizing recycled plastic from water bottles and other containers, we are helping to reduce the amount of toxic waste in landfills, lakes and oceans. Reusing plastic helps to relieve the burden of excess waste on the environment, decrease pollution and conserve fossil fuel.

Cool for Your Brand

Promote your business with Reusable Cooler Bags that simultaneously benefit the planet and add eco-conscious value to your brand image. Work directly with an in-house design expert to build a custom design for your brand exclusive Cooler Bags. Intricate customization options guarantee a final product that embodies the aesthetics of your brand and current ad campaign. Establishing an eco-friendly image with ethical products such as custom recycled cooler bags will help to attract prospects, secure customer loyalty, increase long-term profitability and market share value.