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The New Reality of Reusable Bags

The so called trend or movement in eco-friendly reusable products, especially reusable bags can no longer be classified as a trend. The “reusable bag” is a complete shift in consumer behavior we are witnessing. All businesses should be concerned with brand image and if you are looking to keep your brand at the forefront of your market niche you better be following trends and especially movements in consumer behavior.

Live Eco News & Updates!

California Water Scramble

Officials in California are considering imposing new water restrictions as the state is plagued by a drought. Residents report that they are being forced to specifically request water at restaurants as well as linens at hotels to conserve water. The state board responsible for controlling water resources is considering extending Read More

Luxury Water in China

The luxury goods market is constantly growing in China, specifically in the burgeoning metropolis of Hong Kong. In recent years with the constantly growing population, concerns over the safety of water and food is greater than ever. Nongfu Spring Co. is one of China’s biggest suppliers of bottled water, and Read More

Recycle & Help Save Our Planet

Recycling goes hand in hand with using eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags. Both of these major decisions show you actually care about Planet Earth and the future of our loved ones and us. There are a plethora of reasons why everyone should reduce, reuse, and recycle. Recycling makes our planet more Read More

Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags Products

PP5 - Custom Non Woven Grocery Bags
as low as $0.59
This "recession buster" bag is ideal to shop with and display your logo at the same time.
PP3 - Recycled Reusable Non Woven Bags
as low as $0.82
Made from super-thick 100 GSM material. Reinforced handles provide extra support.
PP2 - Non Woven Reusable Promo Totes
as low as $0.79
These are the perfect size reusable grocery bags for any occasion.
RB5 - Wholesale Reusable Shopping Bags
as low as $0.59
You can easily customize these promotional bags with your company logo or slogan to make sure that your brand gets the exposure you've been looking for.
RB4 - Custom Recycled Shopping Bags
as low as $0.79
We always put the planet first and you should too if you are looking to make a positive brand impact. Use recycled bags now!
RB3 - Custom Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags
as low as $1.55
These large recycled bags are great for the big shopping trip and for just about anything else.
WT12 - 2-Bottle Recycled Wine Bags
as low as $0.64
The 2-Bottle Recycled Wine Bags is a sturdy and stylish bag designed to make a statement.
WT2 - Wholesale Custom 4-Bottle Wine Bags
as low as $0.89
These bags are the perfect replacement to unhealthy, plastic bags, as they are recyclable and reusable.
WT1 - Reusable 2-Bottle Recycled Wine Bags
as low as $0.79
Drive business with these stylish and trendy wine totes.
PP1 - Wholesale Green Reusable Custom Bags
as low as $0.82
This recyclable bag is spacious and tough enough for heavy-duty grocery shopping yet portable and lightweight.
PP7 - Promotional Reusable Eco Totes
as low as $0.72
These handy recycled bags have non-woven dual reinforced carrying handles.
PP8 - Wholesale Non Woven Tote Bags
as low as $0.89
A great choice for the hip industrial feel. Made for long term durability and a retro look.
CN1 - Reusable Wholesale Cotton Totes - Natural & Custom
as low as $0.89
They come in a variety of trendy colors - we can add your choice of imprints.
CN7 - Promotional Cotton Shopping Bags
as low as $3.19
Our Promotional Cotton Shopping Bags are robust, hip and practical making them indispensable items in the daily lives of your customers.
CN13 - Promotional Organic Cotton Tri-Color Totes
as low as $2.79
Increase your brand exposure and attract more potential customers

When it comes to sourcing reusable shopping bags it’s important to find the bag that fits your brand and the message you want to convey. There are a variety of options in the wholesale reusable bag market which provides the highest level of customization allowing you to source exactly what you are after. Here are a few of the many options for custom reusable bags:

The Non-Woven or Recycled Bag:

This is probably the one you are most familiar with as they are by far the most popular material ordered and seen in use. The non-woven bags are made from synthetic fiber or nylon strands that are bonded through the use of heat and are reinforced at the seam and handles. The recycled bags are 85% recycled RPET material (recycled plastic) and have the same features and flexibility in design. PET and RPET bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors; and can all be customized to any design. These materials are ideal for elaborate branding and style concepts including the use of photographic backgrounds.  These are truly eco-friendly shopping bags since they are made from 85% recycled materials.

The Cotton or Jute Tote:

One of the emerging trends in reusable bags is going organic. The use of jute and cotton bags is making a big comeback and many companies are opting for the ultimate salute to the environment by choosing a bag made from a natural and easily renewable resource. Jute bags have a distinctive look and feel with the old “burlap sack” appeal but updated with contemporary styles and sleek designs. Of course cotton has been a long time favorite material and the change in consumer behavior is making these bags more popular everyday; the classic look and feel of a cotton tote bag is hard to beat!

Bamboo…it’s Not Just for Pandas:

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most adaptable plants on our planet which make it an obvious choice for an eco-friendly bag option. The durability and look are adding to its popularity. It has become quite stylish these days to have a bamboo bag and they are now appearing in some of the finest spas throughout the world. If you want to go high-end eco chic, go with bamboo and make your business and brand stand out in the eyes of your eco conscious customers.