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Corn Lanyards

Biodegradable corn lanyards are plant based and sustainable

Get in Touch with your Earth Friendly Side

Our corn lanyards are perfect for getting your name out there in any setting. Made from biodegradable materials and highly durable, this product is great for reaching a potential green market at your next trade show or networking event. Your company will be the talk of the event.


Easily send in your logo, along with your design specifics, and our skilled sales team will be able to put together a marketing product that suits everything your organization embodies. Why should you settle for less in quality or price when we have the best in both?


At Custom Earth Promos, we guarantee our clients the best-customized promo product possible. You’ll get the chance to target your eco-friendly audience more closely for a fraction of the cost. So let us work with you, and you can walk away knowing you got the best deal possible without having to trade anything in.