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Corn Lanyards

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Biodegradable corn lanyards are plant based and sustainable

Corn Lanyards

Corn Lanyards are a forward-thinking solution to today’s plastic pollution problem. Corn Lanyards produce up to 65% less greenhouse gas during production than synthetic alternatives. They are also compostable and able to biodegrade into water and CO2 within 1-2 months. Traditional nylon and polyester lanyards require the harmful burning of fossil fuels. Reduce pollution and sustain our planet by choosing eco-friendly lanyards made with corn, an entirely renewable and easy to grow resource. 

Our Corn Lanyards are produced in superior quality to outshine and outlast the performance of nylon or polyester lanyards. Our Corn Lanyards are produced with exceptional durability, with premium product construction bargain priced to compete with conventional lanyards. Saving you money is among our top priorities. We make it easier for your company make socially responsible branding investments, proven to boost employee morale, attract top talent and secure loyalty.

Custom Earth Promos is an American-owned and operated company dedicated to eco-optimized marketing. Advance advertising efforts by utilizing natural resources and eco-friendly mediums that also build "green" presence for your business. Work directly with one of our in-house design experts to build a brand exclusive order of Corn Lanyards that will arrive with flawless printing and precise color matching. Call or email us for free samples, virtual mock-ups, ideas and quotes.