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Seed Paper Tags

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Recycled Seed Paper Name Tag Printed with Company Logo and 'Think Green' Custom Message

Support a Sustainable Future with Seed Paper Tags

With so many ways and so many reasons to take action in “green” initiatives that support the environment, brands should be making a point in publicizing their eco-conscious efforts and inspiring the same from their audience. Consumer behavior is changing. Your customers are looking to you to lead by example with actions that show you are aware and proactive in your response to the challenges we face as a planet. Support sustainability and secure loyalty from eco-conscious customers with Seed Paper Tags.

Seed Paper Tags for Planet Friendly Products and Eco-Friendly Introductions

Eco-friendly brands can optimize their “green” presence by publicizing their Earth-friendly initiatives and sustainable production strategies on custom designed, 100% natural Seed Paper Hang Tags. Our highest germination rate, 100% natural, recycled Seed Paper is guaranteed to grow into wildflowers when planted, leaving behind a living reminder of your eco-friendly brand that builds positive brand association each and every day. Use Seed Paper Name Tags to introduce your eco-friendly team at the next trade show. Guarantee memorable and positive introductions with customized Seed Paper Name Tags at networking events.