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Recycled Lanyards

Recycled lanyards are perfect for badges at business meetings and trade shows

Recycled Lanyards Custom Made for your Cause

You need a new way to attract business to your company. With our recycled lanyards, you’ll be able to get in touch with your green market while enhancing your brand image at the same time. You’ll be able to customize the lanyards with your choice of hooks, clamps, thickness, colors and length.


Get in touch with our sales crew today to get your order placed and delivered as quickly as a week. You’ll be able to set your marketing project confidently in our hands while being a part of the whole process. We can make a reliable lanyard that reflects everything you love about your organization, business or event.


We’ve proven to our customers time and time again that we give the best in pricing and product quality. So be sure to browse all of our vibrant options, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect lanyard to use and reuse for years to come.