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Seed Paper

seed paper is guaranteed to grow in any US climate zone

Preserve the Planet with Seed Paper Promotions

Our collection of seed paper is perfect for your marketing and earth saving agenda. You’ll be able to reach a broader range of customers with a unique twist to your usual promotional techniques. Not looking for something promotional? We offer even more options from bookmarks and calendars to business cards, flyers, gift tags, invitation cards and more.


They’re 100% plantable and infused with whatever seed mix you want to grow, from flowers to herbs. Send in your design and we can match it up to whichever seed paper item you prefer. Quickly go through an easy process that will end up with you getting exactly the cards and paper you wanted.


At Custom Earth Promos, we value keeping a strong relationship between us and our clients. When  you get the product of your dreams, we’re happy to know we’ve helped you along the way. Work with us to get your event or organization off the ground.