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Promotional Printed Seed Paper Postcards

Print your full color custom artwork on both sides of our eco-friendly postcard to deliver a unique message with a beautiful flower garden embedded within the cards. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and infused with wildflower seeds, these eco-friendly promotional postcards are ready to plant in order to help the eco system.

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Handmade Seed Paper is Embedded with Annual and Perennial Wildflower Seeds

Form a Lasting Bond Between Your Brand and Customers

The uniqueness or novelty of a promotional item has the power to affect how customers think of your brand. By encouraging your target demographic to join you in the admirable initiative of planting seed paper which benefits the environment and promotes eco-consciousness, a powerful and lasting bond is formed. When customers plant their Seed Paper Postcards, they’ve joined you in an emotional experience that will forever influence a positive connection with your brand. Seed Paper Postcards add eco-friendly value to your image, bringing life to your message with vibrant and flourishing wildflowers.

Give Customers a Living Reminder of Your Eco-Ethical Brand

Custom Earth Promos’ Seed Paper Postcards are infused with USDA-approved, non-GMO, highest germination rate wildflower seeds. When moistened seed paper is placed under a layer of soil, provided adequate water and natural sunlight, a vibrant assortment of annual and perennial wildflowers will sprout in just 1-3 weeks. As your custom Seed Paper Postcards recycle into vibrant and flourishing wildflower gardens, customers will have a living reminder of your eco-ethical brand and campaign message.