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Promotional Printed Seed Paper Postcards

Handmade Seed Paper is Embedded with Annual and Perennial Wildflower Seeds

Plant a Lasting Bond Between your Brand and Customers

When your customers reach for your custom, plantable postcard, they’ll be sure to remember you for months to come. Reach a new audience with your unique card design, simply send in your image or messages to our sales team and we’ll quickly put together your dream design. We can work with almost any design you send our way, with a range of custom options to satisfy all of your seed paper needs.


Our seed paper is made 100% biodegradable, making them a great giveaway for any event. Help your clients grow plants, herbs or flowers right at their home. Your customers will be able to take home an earth friendly gift to remember you by.


At Custom Earth Promos, we make sure to take our time to work effectively in making your seed paper products. We understand that your message represents who you are, and we want to represent you the best way we know how: through great eco-printing and customer service.