Planning the perfect beach day is all about careful planning and the right tools. At Custom Earth Promos, we have all the items you need to make your beach day the best you’ve ever had. Some people hit the beach every weekend, and some only have one chance a summer. With these tips, you can build a whole day around some simple packing.

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Beach Day Towel Bags

Beach day towel bags are perfect for everyone in your family, or you can create just one bag for the whole group. When you use recycled or reusable bags, they can hold all your towels, goggles, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. This is a simple thing you can assign to your kids, your spouse, or your partner. If you have just one big bag, you can collect everything quickly when you leave.

The Beach Day Food Bag

Pack your picnic in a recycled or reusable bag. You can pack all your drinks in one bag — even a cooler bag — and everything can else can occupy a regular towel bag. This is simpler to manage than trying to drag a cooler, and you can easily turn one bag into a trash bag and another into the leftovers bag. A couple freezer packs in the bottom of the bag are usually enough.

A Change of Clothes

Assign a towel bag for a change of clothes. When you go on a beach day, there will come a time when you need some different clothes. Bring that change of clothes in one big bag for everyone. You can pas those clothes out, head to the changing lockers or houses, and get ready to head out for a long night after a day at the beach

You can also order with Custom Earth Promos at any time. Not only can we make your beach trip perfect, we can design any bag to ensure that your business is marketed properly and attracts customers who are planning their beach trips.