Fall can be one of the rainiest seasons, and beyond staying dry with a raincoat and boots, there are few substitutions for a classic umbrella. Custom Earth Promos offers the auto compact umbrella, a premium product that makes an excellent promotional item especially this time of year. The auto compact umbrella has a forty three inch arc, and is available in tree bark, root green, and black. The auto compact umbrella uses canopy fabric made with one hundred percent recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from water bottles, a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. The compact bamboo handle of the auto compact umbrella is renewable and provides a sturdy support and a touch of flair. The auto compact umbrella has eight panels with shafts made from recyclable aluminum, which is strong, light weight, and rust proof, ensuring that it can last for many uses. It also has auto open and close features with wind vented capabilities that can combat gusty wind conditions.

Promote on a Rainy Day with an Auto Compact Umbrella!

At Custom Earth Promos, we strive to not only offer the highest quality products possible, but products that meet the highest environmental standards. The auto compact umbrella is exceptional in that it is high quality, durable, and environmentally friendly. If you are considering using it as a promotional product, it features a vast imprint space of ten inches by five and a half inches for optimum brand visibility, so that your logo will be noticed. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for wholesale pricing on the auto compact umbrella or any of our other great promotional products.