In order to promote the usage of reusable bags among the residents, the city officials in Corvallis are hosting the Corvallis Reusable Bag and Logo Contest. This contest is open to all the residents of the city, and is being organized to help them adjust to the recent ban on single-use plastic bags. The residents who wish to take part in this contest can send in their entries by the 31st of January. Once all the entries are collected, the winners of this contest will be announced, and will be given a prize amount.

Corvallis Reusable Bag and the Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags

In the past one year, many cities and counties within the U.S. have banned the usage of single-use plastic bags in their premises. In the city of Corvallis, this ban was implemented from the 1st of January, 2013. According to this ban, all the retailers who have more than 50 employees in their shops or stores need to ban plastic bags in their premises. The retailers who have a fewer number of employees have time till the month of June to implement this change.

A Contest to Promote Custom Printed Shopping Bags with Corvallis Reusable Bag

This contest, which is being organized by the city officials in Corvallis, has three categories under which the residents can send in their entries. In the first category, the residents need to submit reusable bags made out of new and innovative materials. The second category is devoted to recycled materials, so the residents need to use recycled materials to make a reusable bag for this part of the contest. The third category is meant for the best logo design.

The winners of this contest will be chosen through a voting system. The residents will be allowed to vote for the shortlisted options, along with the Mayor. The shortlisted custom printed shopping bags and logo designs will be displayed at the Memorial Union Ball Room in the Oregon State University. These bags will be displayed on the 5th of February, before and after a fashion show that is supposed to take place at the venue.

The first two categories of this contest will be judged together, while the third category that is based on the logo design will be judged separately. The winners of the best reusable bag design will get a prize amount of $200, while the winners of the best logo design will win a gift bag worth $90. The results of this contest are expected to come out on the 13th of February.