There are several types of shopping bags available that individuals can use. Each company has their own company name and logo that can be represented easily on their shopping bags. A wholesale reusable bag is made up of 85% recycled plastic. This is a great way of seeing how recycled products are being used to make other products. The bags can be customized as well to fit the individual's or business's needs.

There are several different size options that one can choose from when designing or purchasing a bag. There are tote size bags available which are great for moms on the go or individuals that need a carry on bag for a trip. There are large grocery bag sizes available to fit in the larger grocery items. There are even average size grocery bag sizes available to fit in groceries. This helps saves a lot of money on plastic bags or brown bags that the grocery stores use to bag up the food. If each individual had their own bags available for the groceries, that they reuse, they are going to not only save the company money, but help ensure a better environment for our planet.

Some bags are as low as $0.35 to make. This would all depend on the size and type of material being used to make the bag. The wholesale reusable bags all consist of the 85% recycled plastic but the other 15% material used is what determines the price rates and different options available. Some are the non woven bags, bamboo material bags, or cotton or jute bags. The main thing is that they are all eco friendly.

The company or individual can customize their bag to fit their needs. They can choose what colors they want the bag to be. They can have a picture or a logo placed on the bag. Also, the company or individual can have their business name or name on the bag. They can design it to look however they want and order as many bags as they will need. These bags typically will hold a lot more groceries than an average plastic bag. This is because they are a lot stronger and the individual using them doesn't have to worry about the bag breaking, as they do with a plastic one. The environment would be improved if everyone switched to using the reusable bags!