An environment friendly initiative is being taken up by the Union County. In an attempt to keep itself clean and green, the county will be organizing an E-recycling program on September 21, allowing its residents to get rid of their electronics in the right manner. This special electronic recycling program will be organized at the campus of the Union County College from 9 in the morning till 2 in the noon.

e-Recycling All Your Electronics to Reduce Waste

This program is open to all the residents of Union County. They do not need to pay any extra fees or charges to benefit from this program. They can bring in their unwanted television sets, computers or any other electronics and dispose them in an eco-friendly way. But there is a limitation of six electronic items per car. The residents just have to drive to the site with their electronics. The workers present at the site will unload the materials and take them further.

Electronics that can be brought to this event are hard drives, keyboards, computer monitors, modems, printers, mouse, CPUs, speakers, scanners, tablets, televisions, e-readers, fax machines, VCRs, circuit boards, telephones, video cassettes, DVDs and CDs. But washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves and dryers won't be accepted in this program. In case residents need to dispose any of these items, they can head to the Scrap Metal Recycling Program of the County.

Vice Chairperson of the Solid Waste Advisory Board of Union County, Christopher Hudak said that old television sets, computer monitors as well as other old electronic items contain a lot of dangerous elements like cadmium, lead, mercury and PDBs. Also, it is not allowed under the law to dispose any of these hazardous elements with the regular trash. He further stated that around 95% of the electronic items can be easily recycled. Responsible disposal of electronics can help in keeping these dangerous heavy metals away from disturbing the environment.

Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle With e-Recycling

Most of the electronics are not disposed in the correct manner as people do not know much about it. Apart from the environmental organizations, businesses too can come forward and help in creating awareness about leading a sustainable lifestyle. They can use eco friendly promotional items to spread the word. This will not just help in educating and informing people about the advantages of an eco-friendly lifestyle, but will also benefit the business organization.