Across the world, there are preventable illnesses and epidemic diseases that are devastating communities. In Namibia, the World Health Organization reports that over 60% of the population could contract malaria. As a result, the government wants to take eco-friendly measures to protect the populace. While an American audience may not understand the fight to eradicate such a disease, it can understand that combating ecological issues requires a soft touch. You can learn more about the eco-friendly fight to combat malaria here.

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Fighting Malaria for Decades

Previously, Namibia was fighting malaria with as many options as it could find. The population used something called IRS or Indoor Residual Spraying. While this treatment could be effective, it is not necessarily eco-friendly. Unfortunately, these pesticides are often overused. The mosquito population could become resistant, and that might malaria to rise up once again, causing an even larger outbreak than expected.

Using Larvicide to Fight Malaria

Larvicide projects in Namibia are designed to help use eco-friendly technologies in the fight against Malaria. The WHO reports that field teams are looking the effectiveness of these projects, testing pesticide resistance, etc.

Eco-Friendly Nets

A recent report on eco-friendly nets is casting the fight against malaria in a new light. Making nets from recycled products is similar in scope to shifting your thought process on bags or accessories. You can use recycled and reusable shopping bags around your business or office. You’re not fighting malaria, but we can all do something more to save the planet.

You can order these products today to make your business a little more eco-friendly. You can also donate to the fight against malaria in Africa.