Eco-Pulp Square USB Drive creates a safe way to transport your most important documents! The pulp USB drives are two and a half inches wide by a little over half an inch long. They come in a natural beige color, house in recycled cardboard, making it pleasant to handle and smooth to the touch. These USB drives allow you to keep your data portable in an inviting package, and have available memory storage sizes from one hundred twenty eight mega bites to eight gigabytes. The unique look of this USB drive makes it eye catching, and makes a great promotional product.

Promote Your Business with Eco-Pulp Square USB Drives

Custom Earth Promos' strives to offer not only offer the highest quality products available, but products that meet the highest environmental standards, with our pulp square USB drives being no exception. With an imprint area of an inch wide by a little over half an inch long, your logo will be prominently displayed, making it attractive and attention grabbing. With corporate social responsibility tied in so closely with the environment, you can send a positive message about your organization's values with this promotional product. One of the unique features of this USB drive as opposed to standard USBs is the ability to preload one hundred megabytes of promotional material. Many organizations use this to link to their website as soon as the drive is inserted into a computer. This means that as soon as one of your clients plugs in this USB, they can be directed to any promotional material desire, virtually doubling its effectiveness in helping to promote your organization.

Surprisingly, many environmentally friendly promotional products are less expensive than traditional promotional products that many organizations still use, and because of this are an increasingly attractive options, especially for smaller organizations that may have smaller budget availability.