You might have heard of eco-friendly food stores, furniture, fabrics and materials, but have you ever heard of an eco-friendly childcare center? Well, that is exactly what Kelly and Jeremy Belot came up with last year in December. Wondering how exactly this childcare center is different from the traditional ones? Let's find out.

What Makes Menomonee Valley's Tiny Green Trees Different?

All the eco-friendly, busy parents in Menomonee Valley have another thing to look forward to. Tiny Green Trees, the environment friendly childcare center, gives you the opportunity to teach your kids a thing or two about the environment and its preservation. If you have always wanted your kids to learn some sustainable habits, but you weren't sure how to teach them, Tiny Green Trees may just be the solution to your problem.

You can leave your children at the eco-friendly care center and when you take them back home, they may even give you a few tips learned at the center, to go green yourself! The childcare center was started by a couple whose aim was to teach practical and sustainable life skills to the little ones, apart from looking after them in the absence of their parents. When Kelly and Jeremy were themselves looking for a childcare option, they stumbled upon the idea of creating their own, but with a twist. They thought that it will be a great opportunity to teach the little ones a few basic about the nature and its protection to make way for eco-conscious citizens. That is how Tiny Green Trees came into existence.

At the childcare center, they stress on encouraging healthy eating habits among the children and at the same time guides them about their role in preserving the environment. The childcare center is open for children in the age group of six months to six years. It offers both full day and half day services. Parents in Menomonee Valley are quite happy with this initiative and feel it is a practical way to look after the kids as well as teach them something valuable.

Menomonee Valley Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Popularize Green Alternatives

Opening an eco-friendly childcare center was Kelly and Jeremy's way of giving back to the environment. In the same way everyone can do their bit to save the planet. On an individual level, people can begin with giving up on plastic bags, saving energy, opting for organic food and so on. Businesses too can show their concern for environment by offering eco-friendly promotional items, which can help in spreading awareness about green habits among people.