Outdoor adventures are the backbone of the American experience. There are hundreds of thousands of square miles to explore from the Pacific Northwest to the beaches of Florida and everywhere in between. The five outdoor adventures listed below are made simpler and more exciting with reusable bags. You don't want plastic floating around after your visit. Plus, you want getting to the destination to be a breeze.

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Outdoor and Offroad

A lot of people love off-roading because they can easily drive into a remote location and enjoy the view, the quiet, the hiking trails, and even the wildlife. Packing your vehicle full of recycled bags helps you bring supplies, food, and drinks. Yeah, you could bring a cooler, but do you know how heavy those things are?

If you planned on camping, you can walk a lot farther to a fun camping spot with a couple reusable bags. Plus, you're preserving the environment by keeping plastic out of the equation.

Backyard Picnics

Not everyone has a deck or even a patio. Plus, you might have a massive outdoor picnic planned with lots of friends. Pull all your supplies outside with a few reusable bags. You can also use these bags to collect trash afterwards.

Ball Games

Your kids might be getting back to sports, and you never want to lug a massive cooler across several soccer or lacrosse fields. Reusable bags are easier to manage, and again — you leave the field looking nice when you pack up and no plastic is left behind.

Road Trips

Say you aren't off-roading, but you want to go on a road trip just to see the sights. All those snacks you brought — pack them in a reusable bag. Again, easier to collect trash and no plastic is left behind.

Easy, Breezy Shopping

You don't have to “rough it” to get outside. Bring reusable shopping bags with you when it's time to shop. You also have all the storage space you need, and these bags work in an outdoor environment because they can resist wind and rain — a plastic bag can't do that for you.

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