The Town Council of Fort Myers Beach recently passed an ordinance which has made it compulsory for businesses to have a recycling program. The policy will come into effect from November 1 and will make it obligatory for the commercial establishments operating in EsteroIsland to have a recycling program.

Recycling Program Is the Businesses Operating on the Beach Need to Do

All the commercial businesses that operate on the island will need to recycle a minimum of one kind of recyclable material generated by them. Not just that, this material should make up for the largest part of the waste generated by the businesses. For example, if a bar operates in the Island, it needs to recycle cans or bottles.

The recycling program will require the participation of businesses located on the beach in recycling ‘recovered materials' like paper, metal, plastic glass, and rubber or textile materials that can be recycled.

Councilman Dan Andre said that recycling needs to be made easy for the people. He also said that most of the commercial business owners on the island have already been doing it. Before the vote of the Council on this matter, Terry Stewart who is the Town Manager, reported ‘no feedback' when asked about the ordinance. He gave a recommendation saying that time allowance will help the business owners in preparing and getting adjusted to this new ordinance.

Stewart said that the business community seems to have accepted the ordinance. He also mentioned that the time allowance that he has recommended will enable the staff of the Town Council to approach the business owners and make them understand the different requirements of the recycling program.

To make sure that the businesses are participating in the recycling program, the Council of the town will have the authority to ask for a proof of the current and valid contract of the business with any dealer or hauler. Businesses will also be allowed to provide the Council with copies of their receipts received from dealers after they deliver their stock of reusable and recyclable items to their dealers.

Promoting Recycling With Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Apart from being a part of this recycling program, businesses on the Beach can even go a step further and promote recycling habits among their customers. They can do so by supplying eco friendly promotional items to their customers. This will not only help in promoting their own business but will also encourage their customers to recycle.