Many people consider glitter to be an ecological disaster waiting to happen. This may well be the case given glitter’s persistent nature. It sticks to everything. If you work at certain retailers, you always have glitter on you somewhere. If you bring it home for crafting, it will get into the carpet and linger around your home. As a result, you need to learn how to make crafting safer for the planet and what the possibilities are. You can learn more about eco-friendly glitter here.

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What’s Wrong With Glitter?

It’s annoying. Also, you will find that it’s a micro-plastic that could end up anywhere. Wildlife eat these items. Whether it causes damage to the wildlife population or not, it should have never been a part of their world. While it may not make up much of the plastic in the ocean, it has escaped notice because there are larger problems to deal with.

Fixing the Glitter Problem

Because scientists knew this was a problem, they created something that was better for the planet. The new glitter is made from biodegradable materials. The solution, interestingly, is cellulose. These plant-based products will shimmer when dyed with natural ingredients, and they degrade when it’s time to throw them away. While this may sound simple, it is a revolution in the craft industry. In short, you can get glitter out of your house.

Other Eco-Friendly Crafting Tips

While crafting is exciting, that doesn’t mean it’s eco-friendly if you make just one change. Yes, you switched to a biodegradable crafting product. However, you can also try reusable bags when storing or toting your craft supplies. While this may sound like a small change, it means you’re eliminating single-use plastic bags from your routine. That—even by itself—is powerful.

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