Over the years, the perception on green buildings has changed drastically. Initially, green buildings were made in order to comply with the environmental laws in the region. However, at present, companies use green buildings and eco friendly promotional items to promote their business values. A report published by McGraw-Hill Construction discusses this phenomenon in detail.

The Report by McGraw-Hill Construction on Green Buildings

The McGraw-Hill Construction is a very popular name in the North American construction industry. The company is known for its information provider services all over the world, especially in terms of statistics. The company has made many reports by interacting with professionals from various fields such as engineering, architecture, consultancy, and interior designing, and at present, it is concentrating on the green architecture.

In their recent report, the company stated that most of the companies are shifting towards green architecture. Statistically, close to 51 percent of the US organizations have reported to prefer green buildings to regular buildings. In comparison to 2008, these figures have risen by approximately 33 percent. Furthermore, the report stated that the increase in green architecture was a global phenomenon, which was witnessed in various parts of the world like Australia, Singapore, United States, and Britain.

The Increasing Popularity of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

According to the Chief of the Sustainability Office of the United Technologies Corporation in the US, John Mandyck, this report suggests that businesses have become environmentally conscious, and they have realized the benefits of constructing eco-friendly buildings. Furthermore, he feels that companies are using eco-friendly elements to improve their business value in the eyes of their customers.

Mandyck stated that eco-friendly buildings help the business owners save up on a lot of expenditure in terms of the energy and water usage. Furthermore, since most of these buildings are made using recycled materials, they can be constructed on a budget. Moreover, since the customers have become environmentally conscious, they value green companies a lot more in the present context. Therefore, in the long run, the companies can build their brand image by incorporating green elements in their building.

The Booming Green Buildings Industry

Since companies are using eco-friendly items in their buildings, a whole new green industry that supplies companies with eco friendly promotional items has emerged in the market. According to the report submitted by McGraw-Hill, this industry is going to grow a lot more in the coming few years, and it will establish itself like any other industry in the economy.

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