One of the things on everyone's mind these days is how to best live a life that is as sustainable as possible. There are many things a person can do to try and live a sustainable life. A person can, for example, use a bicycle for shorter trips and drive a fuel efficient car. They can recycle goods. They can cut down their use of single use goods like shopping bags and water bottles. An easy way to help accomplish several personal sustainability goals is with custom recycled shopping bags.

Custom recycled shopping bags are a strong part of a sustainable lifestyle for many reasons. By using recycled shopping bags a person is not contributing to the masses of used once and tossed plastic bags. These one-use bags are do not decompose in landfills and float about in the oceans, nothing is good about them ecologically. A person who uses reusable bags has stopped adding to the pollution load. A person who is using a recycled shopping bag has gone a step further. They have taken a product that was destined to sit in a landfill for decades or longer and given it a new life as a useful product. A recycled shopping bag is part of the solution to our society's sustainability problem and not part of the problem.

Everyone can get into this easy to implement move toward greater sustainability. With custom recycled shopping bags an individual, a community organization or a local business can now get involved and raise awareness. For the individual, a custom bag allows for freedom of expression. For a community organization a custom bag is awareness. It can also be a door prize for participants to have a great practical memento. The bag will be unique to them for a sense of group pride and belonging.

Perhaps the perfect organization for a custom recycled bag is a local green business. Given freely, these bags bear the name of the company that gave them out into the community. The customer in a bag-free by law area will use these bags as they complete their shopping trips. A business cannot buy traditional advertising that compares for any reasonable price. In areas that still allow one-use plastic bags a small price tag ensures that the bag will be reused. Sustainable and practical, living and working green doesn't get any easier for anyone.