It's every parent's worst nightmare. You get your kids dressed and pack them snacks and drinks for the road. You get all their favorite toys together or maybe pop a DVD into your car for them to watch. It seems like today may actually be stress free. You load the kids into the car getting ready to take them to school, or the park, or a play date, and you hear the deafening scream from the backseat and the sound of a cup hitting the floor. They have just spilled their juice all over your rug. What do you do, pull over and frantically try to clean it up or bite the bullet and take your car to get detailed. Is it even worth it? Are you just destined to have a constantly stained back seat for the entire time your children are growing up? Now there is a solution, the Hawaii Mug.

Give Your Children the Hawaii Mug for Their next Lunch

Custom Earth Promos' Hawaii Mug is available in five fun colors and uses polypropylene material for construction that has good strength and wear resistance meaning that it will stand up wash after wash and if your child does spill it, it greatly reduces any chance of their drink getting on your rug. The BPA free body also ensures that the Hawaii Mug is extremely safe for children to drink out of and the snap-on lid with matching straw fun and easy to sip from. If you are considering using this as a promotional product, there is a large imprint area on every sixteen ounce Hawaii Mug with fourteen different color options for logos ensuring that your business' logo will appear crystal clear against the attractive, eye-catching translucent material. The Hawaii Mug can also be great for adults whop just want an easy on the go cup for drinking iced tea or soda in their car without worrying about it getting all over the place. Sometimes adults can be just as messy as kids. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for wholesale pricing on the Hawaii Mug!