Though traveling for work can seem tedious and sometimes lonely with one night stays in questionable hotel rooms, rent a cars, and meetings with people in places you will probably never return to again, in order to keep your job the most important thing to remember is: stay organized. Easier said than done. For a job that requires you to always be on the move and fly out of one airport into the other for this meeting or that, it can be easy for papers to get shuffled, documents misplaced, and names can blur together. While ninety percent of the job is up to you, make it a little less difficult by ensuring that you stay organized with a laptop messenger bag from Custom Earth Promos.

Promote Your Brand at School with Laptop Messenger Bag

Each laptop messenger bag offered by Custom Earth Promos is thirteen and a half inches in width, eleven and a half inches in height, and is three and a half inches deep. It comes in the option of red-black, gray-black, navy-white, black-white, royal-black, and lime-black. It has a thickness of 80 GSM and is made of non-woven polypropylene NWPP material, a strong and light fabric ensuring that every laptop messenger bag is equipped to stand up to the rigors of being kicked under a seat, tossed through TSA security, and generally roughed up through your business. Travels. The laptop messenger bag includes an extra long forty-four inch strap with adjustable capabilities to vary the length, and contains a spacious pocket on back in an accent color matching the trim. If you are looking to use the laptop messenger bag as a promotional item, there is a generous imprint area on the front pocket ensuring that your organization's logo will pop out and be recognizable making everyone who uses it in their travels a spokesperson for you wherever they may go. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly to speak to one of our expert staff members regarding whole sale pricing.