Seasonal lawn cleanup is one of the most important things you can do as we transition to the fall. There are a few things you can do to make a difference around the house, keep away pests, repel bugs, and maintain your property values. No matter where you start, you will love the results.

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Lawn Cleanup 101: Trim the Lawn

Instead of just cutting the grass, you want to trim the lawn a few more times before it stops raining and cools down. When you do this, the lawn is going to look clean throughout the fall and winter. Plus, it just helps with the big cleanup you did around the house.

Check the Foundation During Lawn Cleanup

Your foundation is a part of your lawn. People can see both the foundation and the lawn meeting one another. Plus, your lawn might start to take cause problems around the foundation if you aren’t careful. As you check, make sure you don’t have water pooling near the foundation. You also don’t want any bugs congregating near the house because they could get inside. 

Trim the Branches

Trim the branches around the lawn to make sure that you don’t have broken or dead branches. When that happens, they could start to droop that much more. High winds, snow, or freezing rain could bring down these branches at the worst time. 

Bring in the Flowers

You can bring in the flowers and ensure they survive the fall and winter. Some flowers are meant to wilt and come back in the spring, but some are not. Do your research so you know what should come in and what can stay outside.

As always, place your order when you’re ready to tend to the lawn. You can prepare all your tools, keep the lawn in good shape, and avoid issues with the house.