In an effort to try and curb the solid waste management disposal issues in the city, the city council in Ohio is planning on investing approximately $300 million on a developmental project. The proposal for this project has been presented by SWACO or the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio, and the expenses of the procedure will be handled by them as well. With the implementation of the new plan, the officials will be able to divert a substantial amount of waste from the landfills to the recycling centers. Furthermore, this project will also help businesses that use recyclables as raw materials.

The Project Proposed by Solid Waste Management

This new project that has been proposed by SWACO will be carried out in collaboration with the Gemini LLC. Gemini LLC has its headquarters in Florida. This team specializes in constructing waste sorting facilities. For this particular project, the Gemini LLC team will build a facility next to the landfills used for waste disposal.

In the new system, the recyclables will be sorted out from the waste at the landfills, and with the help of a conveyor belt they will be transported to the facility that Gemini LLC will build next to the landfills. At the facility center, the recyclables will be further segregated into materials that can be used to generate power and produce materials that can be converted into eco friendly promotional items.

Apart from increasing the recycling rates, this project also aims at developing a green themed industrial park in Ohio, in the coming few years. If the green themed industrial park is developed, companies that deal with recycled or eco-friendly products will be able to purchase their raw materials at the park itself. Furthermore, the offices at the industrial park will be able to use the resources present in the park for their energy needs and even their products.

According to Gemini LLC, this project will create close to 300 jobs for the residents of Ohio, and will also create approximately 500 construction jobs during the construction stage. After the completion of the project, Gemini LLC will sign a lease with SWACO, and the lease is expected to last for 99 years.

Solid Waste Management Encouraging Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Through the Facility

According to Ron Mills, the Executive Director at SWACO, with the new facility in place, approximately 1,000 tons of garbage will be transferred from the landfills to the recycling centers. Thus, the life of the landfills will increase substantially, as people will recycle more and businesses will have the opportunity to utilize eco-friendly raw materials as well.