Making your spread for the big game is just one part of a very nice event. Also remember that these recipes and ideas work well for all big sports events--the tournament, a big race, World Series, etc. When you have nice custom bags, you can also organize your ingredients and have just a little more fun.

At Custom Earth Promos, you will find it more fun to buy your food and prepare your spread.

Why a Big Game Spread?

You want lots of options because you will be into the game long before it starts. This means that you can make lots of different food from appetizers during the early hours to dinner during the event itself. You can also make nice drinks for the commercials and your side-bets. You should also have dessert for when it winds down or you need to wind down.

Which Foods Do You Need?

You need soups, fondue, and big bites for the hours before kickoff. Yes, you can go for mini corn dogs, hummus spread, bread, rolls, and even meatballs. The house will smell good just because you put the meatballs and soups on before everyone gets there.

During the Game

During the game, you will find that you want simple food like sandwiches, chili, and chips. You can do a buffet with tacos or nachos, and you might try chicken fingers or fried chicken. Putting together all the ingredients requires several custom bags because--let's face it--that's a lot of shopping.


You need dessert and drinks for after the game. Make sure that everything remains chilled, and you can even drop your bags of ice in a large custom shopping bags to keep from burning your hands while carrying the ice. Plus, you can use large shopping bags to carry trash out of the house.

Check out Custom Earth Promos and place an order today so that you have great custom bags and a simple way to collect all the items you need for your spread.