The Solid Waste Management Department of San Antonio has started a new recycling center from August 1. This unit is dedicated to collecting and recycling plastic bags, which will provide a major boost in the efforts made by the city and the nation to improve its environment.

Help Your City by Using a Drop-Off Point for Recycling Plastic!

The city officials have advised that the single-use or thin plastic bags can now be dropped off at this new point provided they are dry, tightly bound together and do not contain any receipts of other recyclable items inside. They must be completely dry and empty to make the recycling process a success. Trash bags and other dark colored plastic bags however, will not be accepted. So what kind of bags can you drop off? Dry-cleaning bags, grocery bags, bread and produce bags, newspaper bags, plastic toilet paper, and wrappings used on various products, such as those used for wrapping paper towels, will be accepted at the drop-off point. People also use plastics to wrap them around water bottles and to pack food stuffs, such zip lock bags. The zips must be removed before these bags can be added to the recycling list.

The county is promoting is the use of wholesale reusable bags among its residents. People have been using the thin plastics in all areas of shopping for many decades now and it's not easy to get them to stop using them abruptly. Shopkeepers and county officials have helped make the plastic ban a success by stocking reusable bags in their shops and making them available at various social events. This makes shoppers aware that the ban is effective and gives them alternatives that are cost-efficient, environment-friendly and can be used again and again. With many companies manufacturing these bags within the country and outside too, there is no dearth of them and are quite trendy to look at too!

Promote Recycling Plastic by Using Wholesale Reusable Bags While Shopping

There are have been many instances when people have seen animals choke on the discarded single-use bags and have seen roads and premises littered with those. These bags cannot be recycled and pose a very toxic threat to us and our future generations. Paper bags are an alternative to plastics but they are costly and again lead to the destruction tress on a large-scale basis. Besides, paper bags cannot be used as many times a reusable bags can be. So whether there is a ban where you live or not, shun the use of plastics and invest in these reusable bags to make your shopping experience guilt-free and convenient in an economical manner.