Seed Paper - What You Need To Know

As society seems to move to the direction to being eco friendly, public outlook on paper mills are continuing to be frowned upon. Hence, the demand for an earth friendly alternative to the traditional paper is rising. Despite the fact that most things are going digital, but recent studies shows that the demand for paper does not show signs of weakening. In fact, it is estimated that in the next decade, our demand for paper will double. One thing is for sure, we cannot afford to lose our forest areas to cover such potential demands.

Recycling can help in covering some of the demands, but these days an attractive options is brewing in the horizon and that is seeded paper or seed paper. As the name suggest, seed paper are papers that are made using seeds. On top of that, seed paper is very easy to recycle.

Seed paper has also its distinct elegant feel and look. In fact, it is elegant enough to be used as decorative wraps, invitations and greetings. Seep paper can be produced into various thickness, colors and pattern. Different seeds produce different paper quality, each having a unique charm. Even traditional arts and crafts have found new uses for these kinds of paper.

Benefits of Seed Paper

One of the benefits of producing seed paper is that it does not need a large investment to start. In fact, the current producers of the said papers are small industries that do not make use of any hazardous component or chemicals when manufacturing the said paper.
Another benefit of using seed paper is that together with flowers and seed, one can easily create a paper with beautiful designs and imprints. In fact, greeting cards are catching up to this trend. These days, more and more greeting cards are produced through the use of the process.

Fortunately, more people grow to like these kinds of paper. Because of this, there are industries that have switched to growing flowers and seeds to meet the demands. This is a good thing since these flowers are seeds are grown without the use of hazardous materials and chemicals. Because of the switch, this has successful reduced the chemical waste produced.

We have only one planet that we know that we can survive in for now. It is in our best interest that we people should move towards being more eco friendly. Of course we also have our demands such as our need for paper. Fortunately, with the use of seeded paper, we can tackle such demands without harming the environment.