While many cities in the US have a plastic bag ban in place, the same journey for Sonoma County was not simple. Since the past three years, supporters of the ban have been trying their best to make the county free from plastic bags. Finally after years of studies, plannings and rejections, the county is likely to ban one-time use plastic bags. The county is done with two formal rounds of voting, which means that the ban may get implemented in March this year.

Ban Supporters Sigh a Relief for Bamboo Totes

The supporters of the ban were relived to know that their proposal had overcome all the obstacles and will finally see the light of day. Steve Barbose, Sonoma City Councilman, who is also one of the board members of the Waste Management Agency of the county, expressed his relief over the ban nearing a date of implementation. He said that the delay had been a major source of frustration for him.

Dennis Rosatti, who is the executive director of the Conservation Action of Sonoma County, feels that any action and opportunity that can be taken for elimination of plastic which in turn can help in reducing the pollution caused by it, is a good effort.

Steve McCaffrey, the North Bay Corporation director too feels that this is a good thing for the county. He however clarified that, his corporation will continue with recycling of plastic bags.

The ban will have an impact on large number of outlets in the county including clothing, grocery, convenience, electronic, liquor and hardware stores. However, it will not be applicable on the bags used for handing out meat, prescriptions or vegetables. Also, restaurants as well as stand-alone delis, thrift shops and charitable operations will be free from this ban.

Welcoming Bamboo Totes and Other Reusable Bags

Now that the ban is all set to come into effect, residents of Sonoma County should start getting used to carrying their own reusable bags while going for shopping. The sooner they switch to this habit the better. Bamboo totes, printed eco-friendly bags, totes, customized recycled bags are some options that they can choose from. This switch will help the county in keeping the use of plastic bags at a minimum. This will lead to lesser pollution due to plastic which will in turn help the county in staying green as well as clean.

Source: http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20140115/articles/140119731#page=0