Plogging. Doesn't that sound like the hilarious sound you just heard an animal make on YouTube? This Swedish workout, a combination of jogging and the Swedish term for pick up, "plocka upp," is "sweeping" the globe!

The concept is quite simple: rather than jogging past the garbage you see on your route without even eyeing it, ploggers collect it and dispose of it properly. To plog even more efficiently, some ploggers include additional exercises as they bend to pick up the litter they find. This not only keeps heart rates pumping, it keeps the streets nice and clean.

According to the fitness app Lifesum, which allows users to input and track calories burned during a plog, the eco-friendly workout is significantly more efficient than jogging alone.

Plogging combines the benefits of jogging with a bending motion and the arm strength required to hold all of the garbage. Bending is is good for different muscles in your lower body (depending upon if you bend forwards or squat). A half hour of this burns about 288 calories compared to just 235 without trash. That's a difference of 53 calories--about as much in 8 fl oz of Kool-Aid!

The craze is gaining steam on social media. More people are sharing pictures of the bags of trash--or realizing that they have always been plogging. There have been over 3,000 Instagram posts and various Facebook groups have popped up.

The next time you go for a jog, stop to pick up some garbage along the way. Your body, and the environment, will thank you.

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