Fun and functional, the bubble umbrella is a throwback item that is reminiscent of similar umbrellas that were popular in the 1990s with colorful cartoon characters on them. The bubble umbrella is thirty two inches deep, and is available in black, green, red, and blue, so you can pick the color that best matches your organization's logo. The imprint area is seven inches wide by two inches high, making it extremely visible to those passing by when the bubble umbrella is fully extended. The frame of the bubble umbrella is marked with colored trimmings, and its skeleton is built with features that make it wind-resistant. The bubble umbrella is well suited for extreme weather conditions, meaning that it can stand up to even the rainiest days.

Bubble Umbrellas are Fun Colorful Promotional Items for Everyone!

Custom Earth Promos strives to make not only the highest quality products, but products that are also up to the highest environmental standards. Our graphic designer will make sure that the logo you select exceeds your expectations and looks great on the bubble umbrella or any other promotional product you select. We offer virtual samples of our eco promotional products, allowing you to see how well it fits in with your brand's promotional campaign vision, even before you have the product in hand. The virtual sample also lets you do a trial run of the final product making changes wherever needed. This way, you will not have to do re-runs of the bulk order saving you time and money. We ensure that bulk orders are delivered well within their deadlines, as we all know delayed deliveries can ruin a well planned promotional campaign. Consider contacting Custom Earth Promos directly to discuss wholesale pricing!