Toshiba has launched a break-through copy machine to help cut down paper wastage through printing. This copy machine will help erase text on printed sheets so that they can be reused for various purposes. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, paper makes up approximately 29% of the solid waste that is disposed within the country. So, if paper is recycled and reused by the residents, the solid waste production of the country will reduce drastically.

Eco-Friendly Copy Machine: The Future of Printing

This machine is made using the Loop copier system and consists of two vital components, a special toner, and a heating component. The special toner utilizes erasable ink and the heating component uses high intensity heat to erase the ink without damaging the paper.

This system is so powerful that it can erase up to 30 sheets of paper every minute. It is designed with sophisticated technology that will sort out sheets of paper once the erasing is complete. If any paper sheets are damaged during the process, the machine will dispose it itself. If used by most professional organizations, this special machine can help reduce paper wastage by an impressive 80 percent in comparison to traditional copy or printing machines.

According to the manufacturers, every sheet of paper that is inserted in the machine can be reused at least five times. So, this system will help corporate organizations reduce their carbon footprint drastically. This system is ready for sale in Japan and will soon be available in other international markets as well. The company is planning on launching this product in the international markets by May 2013, for a price of over $17,000.

The Loops System – an Initiative to Promote Eco-Friendly Copy Machine

The Loops system is an initiative by Toshiba Tec to try and propagate the usage of eco friendly promotional items. This company has been making praise-worthy efforts to try and come up with products to help corporate organizations save the environment through reduced carbon emission. For instance, according to the company, this machine emits 60 percent lesser carbon-dioxide in comparison to traditional copy and printing machines. So, any corporate office that replaces their traditional printing system with this machine will be reducing their carbon footprint to a great degree.