When you visit California on vacation, you might make your way to Costa Mesa. The home of Jake Gibb, Mitchell Hurwitz, Misty May-Treanor, and Of Mice & Men is also turning into an epicenter for beekeeping. Looking to eco-friendly options is often the best thing for a community to do, banding together to start something that can become a hallmark of the neighborhood in the future.

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Beekeeping as a Lifestyle in Costa Mesa

Alveole, a Montreal-based beekeeping firm brought in some hives. These hives were installed at CANVAS North, where they became a draw for the community. Yes, the people who visit can see how bees work, but they can also purchase honey, honeycombs, etc. This is just one way to encourage the population to buy local. Plus, it helps keep the local ecosystem healthy.

Beekeeping Impacts Local Ecosystems

The bees that have come to CANVAS are also helping to replenish the local ecosystem. The loss of the bee population has been a topic of conversation for some time now. The people who come to the area get the benefit of a healthier ecosystem. Plus, it helps make the city viable for the future.

Bees Become a Part of the Local Amenity Package

The beehives installed in this location are part of the local amenities in the area. People will come through just because of the bees. This means that any eco-friendly option that is a little bit creative is going to draw more visitors. That helps businesses like yours, and it can help revitalize CANVAS North in Costa Mesa.

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