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Includes 1 Color, 1 Location Imprint
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  1. Review by
    I got the best deal on these little hand sanitizing mists. They are easy to use, and the color of the printing is VERY good. Thank you for helping. We need as many COVID supplies as we can get.
  2. Review by
    I thought it might be nice to put multiple COVID supplies around the store. These hand sanitizing mists are selling the best. Customers can use them any time, and they are carrying our logo with them. So cool. Thank you!
  3. Review by
    I bought your hand sanitizing mists because I know that wipes will not always work when we are in the job. We give them to the customers when the job is over, and we use them throughout the day. The colors and logo are very well done. Thanks!
  4. Review by
    We have taken to putting on hand sanitizing mist in every room. The guests can take them home with them, and they can also use them during their stay. The printing helps because we are a small hotel and people can finally learn about who we are. Thanks!
  5. Review by
    I prefer the hand sanitizing mist because you can spritz it on during work. I have been sending them to all our offices, and we also make sure that customers walk out with one when they leave the office. Thank you for printing our logo so well!

Items 6 to 10 of 15 total

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Clean Anti-Virus Sanitizer Spray

Product Name Hand Sanitizing Mist
Available Colors

Blue & White

Packaging Dimensions
  • 250 Pieces Packaged Per Box
  • 23 lbs Per Box
  • Carton Size: 13" L x 13" W x 11" H
Size 0.67 oz
Imprint Area 1" W x 1 13/16" H
Key Features
  • Spray Action Hand Sanitizer
  • Comes in Colors Blue or White
  • Perfect Travel Size
  • Print Your Logo in Full Color
  • Subtle Scent
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    Additional Info

    Clean Anti-Virus Sanitizer Spray

    Additional Details

    This product ships with 250 items in a box. Our boxes only weigh 23 pounds, and they are very easy to manage when you take large shipments. You can put one in every package you create for customers, or you can give it to everyone on your staff. You can put these tiny hand sanitizers out in the open so that your customers can take one, or you could simply give them away with every purchase.

    Packaging Dimensions
    • 250 Pieces Packaged Per Box
    • 23 lbs Per Box
    • Carton Size: 13" L x 13" W x 11" H
    Custom Options

    When you are ready to print your logo on the bottle, you get a 1" x 1 13/16" area to showcase your logo and contact information. You can make it easy for customers to see the information every time they use the bottle, and the bottles can help your business become a household name. You are doing something good for the community just by handing out these items, and you are making a name for yourself at the same time. You also impress people when they see that you have branded merchandise of all kinds available.

    Our Custom Earth Promos team can help you place your order today over the phone or online. We make sure that you get the color you want, have a good logo image, and get the sanitizers shipped to your location as soon as possible.


    When you use this tiny hand sanitizer mist, you can clean any surface or your hands because it kills 99.9% of germs. This statistic alone is reason enough to buy this product, and you should consider using this product when you are wondering how you can travel and keep your hands clean. Hand sanitizing wipes might not be right for you, or you might forget them and let them dry out. This tiny bottle of hand sanitizer will not dry out, and it will ensure that you are safe and healthy.

    This hand sanitizer has a very light scent that makes it pleasant to use. Most people are tired of smelling like rubbing alcohol every time they need to clean their hands. You can keep your hands clean even if you are sitting at the cash register, dealing with people all day, or working on the warehouse floor all day.

    You should also consider using this product as a promotional item for your company. You can put your logo on the package, and the blue or white color makes it look that much more exciting. You are not using a typical clear bottle that might not have as much personality as you want.

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