Rising environmental problems have been concerning many, all around the globe. Numerous celebrities too are aware of this grave problem and are doing their best to keep the environment clean as well as green. Many of them have joined hands with environmental awareness programs and have been requesting people to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Some of them have even come up with their own brands of eco-friendly products. One such star who feels deeply for the environment is Amy Smart.

Amy Smart Shares Her Concern for the Environment

Amy has been working towards keeping the environment clean since a very long time. Talking about her green sense, she said that her commitment for environment began since high school itself. She studied at the Palisades High School in Topanga and her school provided amazing views of Santa Monica Mountains and Pacific Ocean. She said that this natural beauty inspired her to be a volunteer for Heal the Bay. This organization has been creating environmental awareness and also organizing many eco-friendly programs.

She further said that she loved the mission of 'Heal the Bay' to keep the ocean healthy and clean. She started speaking about it at school and also began motivating other youngsters in learning how they can help in saving the environment.

It was around this very time that she started acting and her career took off. Soon after that, she was asked to do a Public Service Announcement for Environmental Media Association to raise the issue of ocean pollution.

Amy Smart Believes Recycled Bags Should Be Used Over Plastic Bags

This summer Los Angeles became the largest city in the country to put a ban on plastic bags. Being an environmentalist, Amy was completely in favor of this ban and was present at the historic vote of the city council on this matter. She was accompanied by Dan Jacobson who is the judicial director of Environment California as well as Debbie Levin, the president of Environmental Media Association. Amy mentioned that all the three of them had been looking forward to the ban and were immensely happy with the ban.

She further spoke her heart out by saying that she would be very happy to see plastic bags getting banned in the whole state. She hates the destruction that plastic bags cause to the nature. Lastly she requested all the residents of the state to use custom recycled bags instead of plastic bags.

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