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Wholesale Folding Totes

Our Custom Folding Tote Bags are a versatile option for grocery and general store shopping! Made from eco-friendly fabrics, promotional folding bags are reusable and free of harmful toxins for an environmentally safe way to tote your goods. We have multiple production services available to fit your organizations quantity, budget and deadlines!

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Folding tote bag carrying an entire shopping cart's worth of groceries

Reduce Waste and Pollution with Reusable Folding Totes

Excess waste resulting from the massive production of disposable plastic bags, in addition to the pollution caused by the toxic emissions of fossil fuels burned in the manufacturing process, have created one of the most dangerous impacts we’ve seen on the environment. The good news is that a growing number of consumers are taking action to reduce the eco-impact caused by plastic waste. An estimated 25% of plastic bottles are being recycled, up from just 19% just last year. Custom Earth Promos’ Folding Totes are made with 100% recyclable polypropylene non-woven fiber, a durable fabric derived from recycled plastics. We also employ a proprietary process that ensures minimal greenhouse gas emission. Reusable Folding Totes reduce the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills, streets, lakes, rivers and oceans, helping to restore the eco-system for future generations.

Build a Brand Image of Sustainability with Reusable Folding Totes

Our fashionable and funky Folding Totes collection includes expertly crafted designs guaranteed to increase brand exposure and attract new prospects. Showcase your sustainable-centric brand with a custom design order of eco-friendly Folding Totes. Promote eco-responsible efforts on a medium that sparks interest, admiration and appreciation. The vast collection of Custom Earth Promos’ Folding Totes includes designs which fold down into themselves with snap closure to the size of a wallet, unfolding into a full size reusable trade show or shopping tote when needed. Promote your eco-friendly brand with a product that encourages customers to join you in efforts of preservation. Earn customer loyalty, attract prospects and sure future success by securing a brand image of positive environmental impact.