With the new eco-friendly spoon, you can eat it along with the food. This may sound unbelievable, but Triangle Tree has come up with this amazing idea. It is not the first time that the idea of an edible utensil has been implemented. But it is the first time that a spoon made out of corn and other natural ingredients is available to eat with, and eat up as well.

Features of Edible Spoon

The concept of the eco-spoon is a great idea from the perspective of a clean and green environment. The product has been designed by Triangle Tree. The concept is not exactly new, because the notion of edible utensils has existed for long. This is an eco-spoon that you can eat up as well. So you may call it an edible spoon that is eco-friendly. This spoon is only an alternative to the spoon that is disposable, but also to the spoons that are non-biodegradable. It is edible as well as healthy.

A major ingredient used in the eco-spoon is corn. The other ingredients are sugar, egg, salt, and separated milk, apart from baking powder and flour of whole wheat. In addition, spices and herbs are also used. The product is available in many different flavors. It can be sweet, plain, or spicy. You have the choice of using a spoon that will go with the kind of meal you are having. Plain spoons have neutral flavor so they will go well with any meal. Similarly, if you are eating sweet food you can try using the spoon with a sweet flavor. The spicy spoon go well with food that is already spicy, and if your food is neutral spicy, the spoon will add to the taste.

Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Such as Edible Spoons

Eco-spoons, which are edible, are among the eco friendly promotional items that take a step ahead toward making our environment more sustainable. The product has been designed so that it can be consumed easily. This means, you won't be left with crunchy granules while eating your spoon. The packaging of the product mentions that eco-spoons can be consumed along with the meal. You can avoid throwing away the plastic spoon you are left with after the meal, by using an eco-spoon.

The eco-spoon is tasty, healthy, and eco-friendly. The ingredients used to make the spoon do not contain artificial colors and artificial flavors. Only natural ingredients are used in the preparation of this product. Its advantages in brief are 100% edible, biodegradable, healthy, organic, tasty, and natural.

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