The latest meeting of the Metro Solid Waste Management Board saw a ban being implemented on the use of plastic bags to collect yard waste. The environment-friendly regulation that is set to be enforced throughout Jefferson County from January 1, 2015 onwards was passed by the board recently.

Quite Some Time before the Bag Ban to Make the Switch

The Louisville-Jefferson County Waste Management District Board has laid down guidelines for disposing yard waste to improvise and eliminate the excessive costs incurred in the yard waste collection. The yard clippings and dry leaves are to be mulched or composted to avoid the unwarranted amounts of yard waste. The yard waste is to be collected in reusable bags or garbage cans that ensure that the use of single use plastic bags is minimized.

The regulation has taken into account the extent of landfill pollution caused by the non-biodegradable plastic covers, that in turn also make it unfeasible to effectively mulch or compost the yard waste. Although the 1994 ordinance states that the landfills are not to be dumped with plastic waste, around 32000 tonnes of plastic waste still gets dumped into the landfills each year. The new regulation provides an easy solution to this problem as the plastics will be banned, and the yard waste will be composted by the residents, leaving the landfills unburdened.

An extensive outreach program has been designed to create awareness among the residents of Louisville regarding the the imminent bag ban and the use of eco-friendly alternatives. After the ban gets enforced, people will be fined for negligent yard waste collection using plastic bags.

Using Promotional Reusable Bags till the Bag Ban

As the regulation will go into full effect in January 1st, 2015, the residents of Louisville are expected to switch from single use plastic waste bags to reusable cans and garbage bins. A temporary solution to the unavailability of such options is using promotional reusable bags till then. An initiative to boost public confidence by promoting such eco-friendly measures will go a long way in ensuring the success of the program and its sponsors.

A reusable garbage bag can be a great way to promote products like lawn mowers and gardening equipment that is required to maintain a backyard or a lawn. Companies selling organic fertilizers and other yard clearing equipment can tap in the potential of promoting their business by offering reusable yard waste collection bags with their company logo.