Kids are going back to school throughout the course of the year depending on local schedules and COVID-19 numbers. Some kids are on hybrid schedules, and school systems need to prepare for the 2021-2022 school year. Keeping all these things in mind, backpacks are always the best way to keep kids organized and safe.

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Backpacks, Masks, and Safety

When you send kids to school in any capacity at any time, you need them to use a backpack that helps the remain safe. No facility is perfect, and eco-friendly backpacks should carry masks, other PPE, and hand sanitizers. These bags hold up so that they are much less susceptible to cross-contamination during the day, Plus, parents can easily pack as many masks and hand sanitizers as they like.

Stay Masked

Because backpacks carry masks when kids go to school, they know they should always be masked if they are not feeling well. It appears that flu numbers are dropping dramatically due to mask use across America, and that is an indicator that kids should not go to school or at least wear a mask when they do not feel well. At Custom Earth Promos, we have masks that you can try today.

Order with us today at Custom Earth Promos when you need backpacks for this year and next along with the right masks. We make the process easier and help keep kids safe.