Environmental Friendly Pet Bags

Today we are concern with helping the environment as much as possible by recycling or compost. Our dogs are our best friend and we can still be eco-friendly when it comes to the family dog Spot. There are many online websites that anyone can purchase biodegradable dog bags for the waste of their dog. It is important that the dog waste bags that the bags meet EPA regulations on a product that has been labeled as being biodegradable. Pet owners that are concerned about the environment should not put any feces waste into regular plastic bags because the decompose of plastic bags in our landfills can take anywhere up to 100 years in landfills.

Furthermore, pet owners in many communities will find at dog parks and places where dogs are walked there are dog bags available to get rid of their dog's waste. It is imperative to pick up after your pet as being a responsible pet owner. Since many municipals and townships this is
required by law. The dog waste bags are made with the combination of corn and other renewable products to so call breath. By allowing the dog bag to breathe it allows the excess heat and moisture to escape and evaporate into the air. Subsequently, such a feature reduces the build-up of bacteria collected in the waste bag reducing the odor especially during hot humid days. The decomposition of the waste will be broken down by the earth's elements and other micro-organisms found in the soil

It would be wise for pet owners that use the biodegradable bags not to throw the full dog waste bags into compost in their yard which may lead to contamination causing the virus of E.coli. The new biodegradable pet waste bags are safe to use and help in preventing excess waste in landfills.

Fortunately, the waste bags will have the same decompose rate of food waste for example apple or banana peels, leaves, yard waste or paper.

Reduce Plastic Waste by Using Recycled Pet Bags

Poop bags can be purchased at many online store websites and many animal friendly stores will carry a selection of PET bags. The pet waste bags come in a green biodegradable or multi-color along with a special container to place them inside. The containers are great to hook to the leash when Spot goes out for a walk anytime of the day.