Camping with custom bags is one of the best things you can do if you don’t plan to hike the whole of the Appalachian Trail (who has enough vacation days for that?) Using these four tips, you can convert our custom recycled and reusable bags for any camping adventure.

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Camping with custom reusable bags and other tips from Custom Earth Promos

Camping With Food

Let’s say — for the sake of argument — that you don’t plan to catch or hunt your food during your trip. You need to bring your food in a bag that can keep it cool, and there are cooler bags available. Dry goods can fit in another large reusable bag. Plus, you can bring fruits and vegetables in yet another bag — maybe cotton so they don’t get bruised enzymes that over-ripen your produce don’t get trapped inside the bag.


Anything fun you brought on the trip should go in its own bag. Carrying the bag from the car is easy, and setting up for games and activities is easier. If you use a camper or RV, you can pack those items in their own bag and leave them in the vehicle until you need them.

Camping and Swimming

Camping and swimming is more fun if you have goggles and towels. You can assign a large bag to the towels, goggles, and other items you need for swimming. Make sure you know the water where you’re swimming, set out some towels on a small lake beach, or enjoy a day in the shallow water along a river bank.

As always, come back to Custom Earth Promos at any time for more information on our custom reusable and recycled bags. This is often a better way to plan a longer trip and set up your home base.