People in North Iowa are trying everything they can do to keep their region green and clean. The state campgrounds and parks in Clear Lake recently added new benches in the area. The unique thing about these benches is that they have been made from hundred percent recycled materials.

Eco-Friendly Benches and Wholesale Custom Bags

Clear Lake has always supported a green and eco friendly lifestyle. The Recreation Department and Clear Lake Parks in association with Iowa DNR were previously awarded a grant by the Iowa Grocery Association. This grant was awarded to them for building some extremely unique benches.

These benches were created as a part of a program called ‘Build with Bags'. A total of seven benches were made under this program. All the benches are different from each other. They have been placed at McIntosh State Park. These benches helped in removing close to seventy four thousand bags of plastic from landfills. The good thing about these benches is that they not only complement the natural scenery of the park but are also very good for the environment. These benches made use of close to ten thousand grocery bags and wholesale custom bags.

One local manager of the park said that these unique and eco friendly benches are an excellent way of recycling items. He added that they also make the job of keeping the parks tidy and clean a lot easier.

Efficient Use of Wholesale Custom Bags

Manager of the McIntosh State Park, Tammy Domonoske said that as far as the maintenance of the benches is concerned, the authority will probably not even need to touch the benches ever again. He pin pointed that had it been the regular wooden bench, the park authority would need to look after specially the painting and staining of the bench.

The authority would also need to invest in scraping the regular benches and putting new boars in it over a period of time. But it is not the case with these special made benches which makes them a lot more affordable and definitely a better option. He said that this is the reason he loved the concept of these benches and people will love them too as the benches will always stay here.

McIntosh State Park also has some other items made from recycled stuff. One cabin in the park has been made with recycled wood while some campsite benches have been made from recycled milk cartons.