Climate education is on the lips of students around the world. There are several ways to teach students and adults how to safeguard the planet. Plus, there are ways that businesses can enter the conversation. Learning more can changes lives and improve the bottom line.

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What is Climate Education?

Compulsory climate education is a rallying cry for students the world over. These students know that they are inheriting a climate in crisis. As a result, they want to learn as much about it as they can. In related news, UNESCO is calling on government to educate their populations on climate change. Yes, this may begin with students, it can trickle down to parents and adults.

While this is a good first step for young children, it is not the only thing that can change the world.

Climate Education for Businesses

Climate education for businesses is something that changes the way businesses operate and approach the community. Yes, you want to go green. How? You can make major changes that reduce consumption and educate your customers.

Plastic bag bans, for example, are coming. As you make the change, you can post educational signs in your store or on your site. Post something like:

”Did You Know a Single Reusable Bag Can Replace 500 Single-Use Plastic Bags Per Year?”

Little things like this make a difference. Plus, they ensure that you pay it forward to other businesses. Yes, you can market with a reusable bag, but you are also helping other companies go green and positively affect the community.

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