At Custom Earth Promos, we produce a lot of promotional merchandise to go along with the custom bags which make up the core of our business. When you want to create a big promotional program, you can start mixing our promo merch with your bag. We have some tips below that will make it easier to improve the image of your business.

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What Should You Offer Your Customers?

You can offer your guests custom bags that are a part of their experience. This might be in a store, or you might offer a bag to someone who is staying in a hotel, taking a tour, or getting on a charter boat. The bag should be the beginning of your promotional journey. As you offer these bags, a lot of people might even ask to buy these bags straight up.

How Do You Choose Additional Promo Merchandise?

You can buy anything from lanyards to pens, notepads, and journals. Business owners can get special health kits that have sunscreen and disinfecting sprays. Managers can choose these items to put in the bags, and that will make it a little bit more fun for you to shop with us. Plus, your guests will always come back because, “you remember that store that had the bags and the nice pens? We should go back.”

Add Your Logo To Everything

You can add your logo to everything when you are ordering with us. Your custom bags will look fantastic, and they will carry a lot of promotional items that people want. Send your guests home with the bags and promo items, and call our team at Custom Earth Promos for assistance when you are ready to place your order and add your logo or design.