Being kind to Mother Earth, getting in some great advertising and providing easy-tote benefits has never been easier than it is with But why should anyone choose over any other promotional gig? We'll tell you why!

Custom Earth Promos is a distinctive, eco-friendly company who believes in building strong relationships with Mother Nature and its inhabitants - all of them. From the microscopic life forms in our rivers and streams to the waste disposal folks who work so hard to keep our earth neat and tidy, to the people who love to shop "green", Custom Earth Promos offers a supportive role for keeping this world a happier place. We simply do it with attractively eco-friendly promotional bags and products people love.

Promotional bags have literally and figuratively became a huge hit with greener pastures in mind. Every bag is designed with greener purpose, functionality and easy-on-the-pocketbook savings at low cost prices. Who doesn't love an earth-friendly bargain like that?

Selecting the right bags to create for your promotional needs is our expertise. We are prepared to gladly show off our amazing products so your promotional needs stand out above the rest. Shopping bags, reusable grocery bags, convenient handy bags and designer bags are only the tip of the iceberg in superior promotional items we have available.

If it is a variety of bag colors you love to promote your ideas, we have a rainbow of colors to choose from. Maybe earth tones speak to your natural sense of "going green". No problem! Whether your promotional needs fancy solid colors or prints, we have many very impressive options to appreciate.

Taking a gander at the plethora of green bag options, there are many useful purposes to consider. Moms especially love our reusable designer bags to stylishly carry everything from kid's necessities to personal items such as make-up, coupon books and change purses. Designer bags don favorite supported logos and images while keeping personal items neat and organized. Designer bag shape takes on an edgier look to keep fashionistas looking haute.

Durability is also an important factor when it comes to producing fabulously green, promotional bags. Our product sizes range from small to large. Using only quality fabrics and design features can deliver the premium bags we offer. Modern touches in our designs add fashion intrigue as well as extra strength capacities. Large grommet accents, removable plastic insert at the bottom of the bags and extra dense wristlet handles each ensure reliable and high quality performance.

Visit us and see how spot-on our bags will suit your promotional requirements. We are confident you will love the products, the price and our esteemed customer services. This one is in the bag!