Giveaways are mostly used by companies and stores for promoting their products or services. Distributing something free of cost in any trade show booths helps in attracting traffic within a short time. However, your chosen giveaway should have some qualities that can attract people. Firstly, it should be attractive and beautiful.

Secondly, it should be practical and cost effective, after all you'll need thousands of them, and lastly it should have a high quality for generating positive response. All these three requirements will tag best to the customized bags.

Without any doubt, a personalized promotional bag can surely take your bag above the skies. Aside from the fact that it will be a hit among your recipients, customized bags are best marketing magnets. They have sufficient space where you can imprint your company motto and logo on it. Moreover, all these bags travel with their users. This means, you can have a wide brand exposure by spending a small amount of money, and this can go on for years without any further investment!

So what type of custom promotional handbags can be distributed to people in fairs, trade shows and exhibitions. Let's have a close look at few options.

* Tote bags

Tote bags can be used for your promotional campaigns as they are staple in boutiques, shopping centers, and major shops in metropolis. These kinds of bags are made using organic fabric or paper that can be made according to your specifications. There are many bags that also help in spreading the awareness about global warming and recycling.
* Purses
These bags are small and handy can be distributed easily. The bags in this subcategory are handbags, clutches and pouches.

* Paper and plastic bags

These are highly affordable bags that can be distributed in thousands. That's why many supermarkets and stores use them for holding whatever products they sell to their customers. This is the best giveaway especially if you have a limited budget but you must add your business name or logo on the bags and highlight it using an attractive design so that they attracts eyeballs.

* Computer bags

These bags are highly popular these days due to the large number of people using laptops. You can increase your market presence and reach by using these bags.

Many online sellers offer deals on promotional hand bags and numerous other promotional items. So do your research and choose the best one for the job. You can place your order from your office, and they will even imprint your bags with your business name and log, and send them to your address within days.