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Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

eco-friendly valentines day gifts

This year, many couples had the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day with eco friendly promotional items. EcoPlum, a green shopping rewards website, launched exciting offers for Valentine’s Day so that couples could purchase electronic gift cards and eco-friendly gifts, specifically for their valentine. The Chief Executive Officer of the store, Gia Machlin, said that she wanted couples to have eco-friendly gifting options. She stated that many stores produce eco-friendly products for all the other holidays, but Valentine’s Day is usually ignored, so she launched this special collection of gifts for this special day.

Eco-Friendly Gifts and Cards Offered by EcoPlum

Machlin stated that e-cards and eco-friendly items are a good option for holiday gifts, as they can help in reducing wastage of paper, especially when compared to greeting cards. All popular card creating brands waste a lot of paper designing custom cards for holidays like the Valentine’s Day. Producing attractive e-cards for the same holidays would save these companies money, and it will help in conserving the environment as well.

According to a survey conducted by Staples, Americans spend close to $3.8 billion on unnecessary gifts every year. Out of these gifts, approximately 8 percent go into the landfills. So, this year EcoPlum gave all the couples a variety of e-cards to choose from, so that they could reduce the purchase of unwanted gifts. These e-cards were priced between $25 and $500, and the couples had an option of purchasing them through their credit cards.

To make the gifting procedure more attractive for the couples, EcoPlum came up with a very interesting policy where the receivers of the gifts would receive some EcoChipz as well. So if the receiver wanted to purchase another product from the website, he or she could use these reward points to purchase it. Furthermore, the money collected through these reward point purchases would be donated to organizations working on environmental issues.

Other Eco-Friendly Gifts Offered by EcoPlum

EcoPlum also gave the couples many eco-friendly gifts to choose from. These gifts included recycled glassware, chocolates, fair trade coffee, jewelry, clothing items, safe cosmetics, recycled notebooks, and even household products. All these products were made using recycled materials, and they were ideal for couples of all ages. Some of these products were designed specifically for Valentine’s Day, so the couples could send each other customized gifts for the holidays. Looking at the response that these products received, the company is planning on launching eco-friendly gifts for next year’s Valentine’s Day as well.


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