Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a big part of the social conversation around green businesses. However, it’s difficult for businesses to know where to start. A story that begins with the Chemistry Department at illinois State University can provide inspiration for any business. Plus, it shows that there are innovators out there that can help your business, warehouses, or retail stores go green.

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Sustainable Warehouses

When the faculty and students of the Chemistry Department at Illinois State looked around, they realized their base processes were not eco-friendly. They started small, only buying what they needed. For example, they bought the exact items required, never storing bulk items. If they needed reusable bags, they just bought those bags instead of purchasing indiscriminately. Their inventory system cut down on spending, waste, and storage needs.

This principle works well in warehouses where space is at a premium.

Reducing Water Waste in Warehouses

Take the sustainability concept a step further. A new water pump cut back on water waste. For example, Illinois State’s Chemistry Dept. saved 429,000 gallons of water in a year. This is a simple way for the department to reduce consumption.

If businesses or warehouses wanted to take the same route, it might also use a water capture and filtration system to produce its own water. This reduces strain on the local water system, protecting the environment.

Reusing Everything

While your business should purchase reusable products, use recycled items, and recycle with the local waste management system, you can do more. Reuse everything you have. Think big. Did you know the filling in Kit Kats is Kit Kats? They don’t waste anything. If you can find a way to reuse something you would otherwise throw out, do it.

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