Printed Lanyards - An Effective Overlooked Advertising Medium

It does not happen very often, but there are instances that small everyday items can become a great advertising medium. One of these small everyday items are printed lanyards. These advertising items are more popular than ever. You can easily spot them in any modern office as companies are fond of giving them away to their employees. A standard lanyard measures to about 70 inches from end to end. That is 70 inches of space that you can place your company name, company message or logo for the public to see.

It is easy to overlook lanyards as an advertising medium. Some people think they are not worth as an advertising medium since they are plain and un-glamorous. However, if you take a look closely, you will realize that people who make use of lanyards always have them around their neck or at least close to them. It may be simple but they are very effective.


Another advantage of printed lanyards is that they are most likely going to be used by the recipient, unlike other promotional tools that only hits the trash after the recipient receives them. People have grown to like lanyards for different purposes. Some love to bind items that are prone to be misplaces such as keys and prescription glasses. Others love to bind identification cards to them so they can easily wear it on their neck rather than clip it on their uniforms or clothing.

Teachers grew to love them so they can bind their pens and not forget them as they transfer from one classroom to another. Students grew to love them so they can bind their phones and avoid misplacing it or dropping it to the ground. Coaches grew to love them so they can bind timers and whistles. People who live an outdoors lifestyle grew to love them since they can bind a compass, watch, torches or cameras that can tremendously help them while they are adventuring in the wild.

The great thing about using lanyards as a promotional tool is the diversity of options when it comes to design, styles, patterns and colors. Before you order these items as a promotional tool, make sure that you clearly define your budget and your target recipients. If you are aiming cheap and practical lanyards, then you can go for lanyards that are made of cotton, nylon or silicon. If you have a bigger budget, then expensive beaded lanyards might be right for your situation.